When Attrition is good!!

A number which gives every HR professional sleepless nights, none other than Attrition..but honestly it’s not that bad even.

HR thots

Yes, I just said Attrition is good!!

In spite of all the Talent Management efforts people still leave organizations and sometimes it is important to understand that some exits happen for good. Yes, it does create vacancies in an organization which off course can be equally nightmarish but then it’s also  helps in a natural weed out of non performing human assets , some voluntarily others involuntarily. Let’s look at the sunny side of attrition here:

  1. Some dissatisfied employees will only add more negative vibes to the system. More they stay in the organization worse impact they have on the others. Letting them go will save a lot of fuss later.
  2. Imagine if no one leaves, how difficult it would be to do a career pathing and more so imagine if the system has more senior employees with higher salary would that not add to unnecessary manpower costs. Anyways as you go up the pyramid the number has be rarer.
  3. Further , time and again the system need to be injected with fresh thoughts and energy. New employees not only bring varied experience but they also come with new ideas and approaches. Attrition creates opportunity for such scenarios.
  4. At times it creates internal vacancies which help the other high potential employees to replace the position and thus get a larger platform to perform and show there maximum output.
  5. With lesser but better employees the profit in terms of monetary rewards can also be shared judiciously within the organization amongst the employees.

So though not every exits are appreciated and organizations should try not to let go there best talents but for then sometimes its not always the best talent leaving. After all some change is the only constant thing in the world.


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