Measuring Employee Engagement in 7!!

With changing times as Personnel Management became Talent Management, employee wellness has becomes the focus for Human Resources Management . Organizations too have realized that though employees are governed by labor laws but ultimately they are major stakeholders in its organic growth. This paradigm shift has brought a major challenge of keeping employee motivated and engaged within the organizations. More opportunities and technologies have resulted in competitive strategies to have more happy faces around.

Happy ppl

However like physicists say ‘ No machine can have perfect efficiency’ likewise hitting a perfect 10/10 can be a  far fetched dream but still there can be ways to measure your engagement quotient and timely action can just make some impossibles possible!!

 Best and the most well known is to analyze your exit reports and keep a tab on that deadly attrition factor. Resignations not only adds to ones blood pressure but replacement too come with added cost .So why not channelize the energy and finances on more productive side which can help keep the Attrition counts controlled and engagement high.

Remember what made college better than school? Well college didn’t have any uniform. Truly burden of strict policies such as reporting time sometimes can be highly annoying. Employee are truly engaged if they come on time because they love being at office not because they have late marks counter on.

How about the last appraisal process? How many reminders did you send to the managers? Do they believe in the appraisal process or is it just another formality for them. Processes can give us some very critical information’s about the employee motivation.

My personal experience says an engaged and motivated employee will always be connected with the organisation. The feeling of pride to be associated with one’s dream company is too good a motivator and also helps spreading the feeling around. So you know when your employees are engaged the number of ’employee referrals’ are higher than when they are disengaged.

Have you noticed who all regularly miss annual day celebrations or office parties? It’s similar to avoiding a dinner because your don’t like the host. Do I need to say more?

Trust in management and feeling of belonging plays a great role too. If an employees is participative and knows that his ideas and efforts will be well appreciated and acknowledged, he would be well bounded with the organization values and philosophy .However this comes with due course and here timely and right communication channel is very important.

Keep a tab on informal ‘online and social media’ discussions. Technology has opened many avenues for official gossips. Understanding employee psychology and behavior helps to understand their needs and leads to timely actions and further improvements.

Employee Engagement is need of the hour. Today keeping talent motivated and happy is important so that the focus on organizational growth is undeterred. Important is to understand that every organization and individual is unique. What works with one might not click with others .But the beauty is to manage complex human brains in the most simplified manner.

However we all know that nobody is married to an organization but being engaged is no less than that !!

Wish you Happy Engagement J


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