Get started on Twitter

A: So what’s your handle?

B: Hmmm..sorry what did you say?

A:What’s you twitter handle?

B: Ohh twitter..I am not on twitter..are you? Well I find it very confusing or rather overwhelming?Does it really make sense to be there?


So after I encountered this some 100 times or even more, I thought to make my attempt on taming twitter.And don’t sweat to wonder why you should try this because some addictions are better off when experienced.

Ok so here are some quick 10 tips to get you going on twitter…

  1. You should know that your twitter User Id in the tweety world is popularly called ‘Handle’. It will always begin with ‘@’ eg: @raks_d or @abhi_dvd
  2. DP is another popular terms used on twitter which is nothing but your ‘Display Picture’. Keep it real and clear, so incase you ever meet your twitter pal it’s easier to connect back personally . Please remember unlike facebook on twitter you can connect with anyone and everyone and is not limited to your choiced friend. Twitter is basically a source of information feeds. You have to choose your agents (users) to get your customized feed.Eg: I mostly connect with people who are related to my subject so my feeds seem more sensible to me itself.
  3. Bio is what describes you best in the limited character space (160 characters). Use crisp, relevant and hashtag friendly information. People before connecting will read your Bio to decide whether to follow you or not.
  4. You can share your thoughts in 140 characters via a tweet. Initially you many find it difficult but it’s all about making sure you can speak your mind and still be left for some space. I am sure you know what it means when we say ‘practice makes a man perfect’ :). After using it for some time now, I exactly know the trick and infact also wonder why do I at all need more space. I am glad twitter has stuck to this feature which actually in now there USP , talk in 140!!
  5. Follower and Following again operates on simple rule, where whomsoever you would follow, there tweets will show up on your feeds and those who follow can see you tweets. For both parties to see each other’s tweet on their feed panel its important then to follow mutually.
  6. Please note even if someone doesn’t follow can send a tweet to you. All the tweets where you are tagged will show up in the notifications tab. You need to be tagged with your handle in the tweet itself.
  7. When you read a tweet you can click favorite if you appreciate and one who tweeted will be intimated. However if you endorse the thought in the tweet, you can Re Tweet it and it will get shared will all your follower and this can be just done via a Re Tweet (RT) button. However if you want to customized it, you can copy tweet and tweet it like a fresh tweet with the first two initials as ‘RT’. Incase you want to modify it , that’s doable as all you have to do is change a bit and write MT (modified tweet). MT helps you to add your thoughts over the original tweet and still gives due advantage to the tweeter.
  8. DM or Direct message is incase of mutual following you can directly message the person and it remains between two of you. For normal conversations you can click on reply and build interactions.
  9. Tagging again has to be done in 140 characters for its better to shorten/shrink  the links etc so that you can tag people in the group or write more.
  10. The most interesting is hashtag which works like keyword search to segregate tweets with common interests and using hashtags will increase the reach of your tweet.

I am sure this can surely get you onboarded but don’t forget to explore more and share back with us from the tweets ,of the tweets and by the tweets …C’Mon start tweeting now!!


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