8 Tips to make ‘Work from Home’ effective!!

Some questions when asked always get you mixed results. Work from home is one such topic. Not just its brings different perspectives on table but at times makes people like Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer to take decisions otherwise. I recently met an entrepreneur who mentioned that how can work from home be successful if company like Yahoo couldn’t sustain.

Now being a work from home practitioner for couple of years, I surely didn’t want to accept it that easily. So I ran a small question survey with my closed network on facebook and thanks to all those who responded and shared their candid thoughts. Off course we had a mixed bag of views and interestingly what initially seemed female dominant had the other side story too.


So while many supported the whole concept behind work from home, still others felt that it ultimately results on ‘work for home’. Truly working from home is not as easy as it sounds and it does require lot of self discipline and well scheduled approach. It would not be wrong if I say not every job and neither every individual can work from home. Nature of job, experience and individuals’ maturity play a very important role, still I have seen more failures than success in this model. However those who sailed through are definitely much happier souls now. Here is how it worked for me:

  1. You are on a job, be Serious!! Defining your limitations and letting people know about it, is how you should start. Working from home need ground rules to be set strictly. Feel free to let your neighbors,family and relatives know that you can’t entertain them while you are at work. Avoid any long duration personal phone calls as your would do in a physical workplace.
  2. Reach out for help, it’s not just you. Mostly at the start you might feel lost so no harm in reaching out to someone who you feel can help you. It’s like a workplace buddy who would help you get accustomed with the system and in some scenarios it might be you immediate reporting manager or any other colleague.
  3. Make a daily action plan for you are your own boss!! Starting you day with a defined plan will make your feel like a winner by the time you wind up your work. Sense of achieving small milestones to conquer the major goal has its own charm. It also helps you track your own progress and keeps you ready with your own performance appraisal.
  4. It’s just a change of place, don’t mix things. Most importantly have a dedicated place to work which gives you a feel that you are on a serious job. You are lucky to cut down on your travel so utilize that time in being effective and not mixing up household errands with your work schedule.
  5. Don’t work 24*7, you would frustrate yourself. So the catch is without a daily plan and schedule you would end up working for lot more hours than ideally the work demands. Ultimately it would start hitting your work life balance and sooner or later you would just give up.Walk out of work when you are done and time management is the key here.Our mind and body too need break of pattern to be active and agile.
  6. Network and don’t lose connect. Mostly work from home makes you lose connect from daily happenings hence to remain part of industry and establish your own identity its important to network. If physical networking is a challenge start through online’/ social medial platforms. Its give you a voice and also contributes to your own learning within your own ‘work from home’ world.
  7. Don’t isolate yourself, come out and meet. Being an extrovert the biggest challenge I faced was missing people around me. However phone call and skype discussion did help but once in a week an office visit just did the right thing for me.I could not only easily connect but also established a rapport which helped me getting my things accomplished in a much easier manner.
  8. Invest in your passion. As you become more effective in this model you would realise that you still have time to pursue things which make you happy. That’s one thing which will not just give you a break but make your inner self feel more worthy. Happiness is nowhere but just inside us only if we are able to release it. So to cut the long story short, identify your passion and make it big!!

These are some tips which I too realized over time and everyone has their own ways to handle situations. This possibly was the best I could make this work for me. Incase you happen to practice this, do let me know if it worked for you or not J

PS: Special thanks to Anushree Singh, Ritika Dwivedi, Vasundhara Raman, Abhi Agarwal, Mudit Swaroop, Dimple Panchal, Jafar Iqbal, Pooja Gupta, Nupur Pathak, Pankhuri Tandon and Meetu Khanduja for sharing their  views on the Facebook post.


One thought on “8 Tips to make ‘Work from Home’ effective!!

  1. Interesting thoughts here. When I work from home, I dress formally, exception of the shoes 😉 and stay away from the common room. I ensure that I do not take things for granted. The only flip side is technically it is difficult to stick to timeline so I end up spending more time when WFM …


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