5 tips to Impress the Recruiter!!

My phone was buzzing continuously during one of the meetings, so much that I couldn’t avoid some curious looks from my peers. Infact, I was wondering why this old college friend of mine was suddenly interested in talking to me after ages. Anticipating some urgency I called back the moment I was out and here is some piece from the conversation.

Me: Hey dear, what’s up? Long time.

Friend: I am good. Thanks! Need help from you.

Me: Offcourse. Your wish my command. (yes, that’s how I treat my old buddies ;))

Friend: Ok, I am looking for a job change and I want you to help me with my resume. Also I don’t know why, though I send my resume to all the job postings being advertised still don’t get any response.

Me: Hmm, Ok send me your old resume and I see how I can help you.


So we did work together and here is how we went about it just incase you too are planning for your next gig:

  1. Sometimes Two page is also too much. Your resume has to fight with thousands of other likes so remember you need to make it stand out to come out as a clear winner. Recruiter is your customer and you need to give information just as per the requirement. Having a summary of your ‘real’ key skills with a brief background which is visually suitable is what needed more than copy – pasting the same job profile for all the jobs you have done. Spend good time to keep your resume short but informative and the first page should have all what the job requires.
  2. Golden Rule: Approach the right person with the right job at the right time!! Apply where it is relevant and not all what comes your way . Remember our jobs defines our future course of career hence don’t be in hurry and plan the change with good time in hand. Identify your target organizations and get connected with the recruiter who has advertised the job. We are thankfully living in the world of social media and physical networking.
  3. Be innovative: Scarcity of best fitted job for you can only be countered with innovation and creativity. Have you ever tried making a slideshare of your top achievements? Do you have some YouTube videos which captures your skills in the best possible manner? Even a simple Power Point with some interesting graphs about your work history would make it simply awesome.
  4. Try Social: Yes I am great advocate of Social Media and you too would become once you would know that I got my last two jobs only through social media connects. That recently a good friend cum recruiter hired 1000+ people in just six months through social media. That social media gives us amazing platform to experiment and also show case our talent in the best possible manner. So use it to connect and network with the real recruiter.
  5. Linkedin is the new resume and most of the recruiters use it to refer for any candidate they process offline. However many still don’t keep their linkedin profile updated. The features to get recommendations, summary, blogs, recognitions all make it quite an attractive proposition for recruiters and also without much effort it represents your information in more appealing manner.

These are some quick tips which can help enhance one’s resume applications with a more holistic approach for you never know where the right recruiter is waiting with the right job for you.

All you have to do is IMPRESS now!!


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