5 Reasons to get hooked on Twitter Chat

“So what is this chat you keep talking about? Is this your full time job?” a curious friend asked.

I smiled and then for next 30 mins it was just me who was chatting…oops talking.


One of such chats is Twitter Chat and recently I got an opportunity at #TMEssar to share my experiences about all what I learned about the same. Courtesy Mr. Adil Malia and Prashant Jogelkar from ESSAR group for this.

So let me quickly take you through the inside of a Twitter Chat: It is a theme based topic run by a moderator on specific days and time and mostly an hour long. All twitter chats have hashtag to follow with pointed and counted questions.

So what is so special about this twitter chat and why should you participate in one?

Twitter which otherwise seems very overwhelming to many and even those who attempt to join, leave it midway before even developing the taste for this addictive platform. Being on twitter for close to three years and moderating one of the twitter (#hrtrends) chats here is why I feel for the same:

  1. Its gives you a kick start on twitter: I personally felt that connecting with people of your choice is not that easy as it is on other platforms. You need to have a follower base to add more and that’s what twitter chat does to you. The valued conversation around the twitter chats gives you enough room for discussion to exchange tweets.
  2. Virtual Personality: Your tweets are your 140 character thoughts and if used appropriately while on a twitter chat people start relating it to your personality and thus it contributes to your personal branding and position you accordingly in the mind of your followers or tweet pals. Now a chat will give you opportunity to tweet with every question which otherwise is difficult without a context.
  3. Network and Learn: Offcourse twitter has lot to learn and share from and such value based chats give enough room to explore different facets of a topic .While your tweets help you realize the common interest it also takes you towards the next level of networking and thus establishes a better connect.
  4. Connect back: Mostly people focus on answering the questions on chat but the beauty is to connect with the moderator and other participants during and post chat. Agree, disagree or debate but more you converse better for you to get the maximum out of the chat. Mostly after every chat you would add more followers to your list. Isn’t that what you wanted? Real, valuable and active followers.
  5. More focused chats: Don’t be everywhere but stick to the one which you can relate and be regular there. Your frequent participation will get you identified as part of a community and that off-course will connect you even deeper to like-minded folks.

There are many ways to follow twitter chat and @chatsalad can help you connect with an exhaustive list of chats on varied topics. All you have to do it identify the one which you want to be associated with and start it NOW!!


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