6 things your Interview Panel should know!!

“First impression lasts forever”…So what if you are an interviewer?

interview panelI got a call in morning from one of the recruiters in the team where she sounded dejected with how the interview panel made her loose a very good candidate . Yes!! Today is the story from the other side of the table and that we don’t realize that either side is as vulnerable as the other one. As much as the interviewee wants to crack that job offer , the interviewer who is the brand ambassador for the organization at that moment can’t be casual.

That’s one reason why the Hiring Team is picky about whom to add in the interview panel. However sometimes they too don’t have much control on that. So it becomes even more important as a recruiter to define the Dos and Don’ts with the panel and if you have recently been inducted as an interview panel, here are some quick tips to help you prep for the job which comes with great responsibility of cherry picking.

Prepare yourself before the interview starts. Before the meeting starts you should have gone through the resume at least, however better would be to study his/her Linkedin or other Social Media profile too. This would help you connect with the candidate even before you meet and your research about him will help identify some tailor made questions for him/her as well as verify it to some extent.

Confusion is worse: Don’t give a picture to the candidate which either set a wrong impression or expectations from the role. Even if you are unsure about an answer better route it to the Hiring Manager than answering it incorrectly .Remember at that moment you are your organization’s brand ambassador and your communication does leave a long lasting image that the candidate will carry along.

All are Equal: and a wrong answer doesn’t change the fact. Many times in heed of the moment we don’t realize that our body language or even verbal communication can be offensive to the candidate. This not just leaves a bad taste but also spoils the organization’s reputation as a whole.

Make it comfortable: Off course there are stress interviews too, however not each of them have to be one. Let it go like a discussion than a question answer session and you would get more real answers. More story telling will let the real self-open up rather than making sure to answer in the best possible manner.

Let HR do its job too: Sometime panel gets into the discussion which possible can effect there decision making due to personal bias. The notes around remuneration, joining time, designation are best handled by Human Resources department. They are trained and more experienced in such negotiations and you can trust them to do that well than you.

Excuse Me!!: Yes haven’t we learned to follow basic etiquettes of avoiding phone calls, checking your emails on phone etc. while the meeting is on. Remember you would not like the same from the candidates. Don’t be in hurry to finish the discussion, if it’s a planned interview make sure you have planned it well. Keep the phone muted and give enough listening time to the candidate .Better and more the discussion easier is the judgment.

Hope these help next time while you are getting ready to interview the next candidate your Hiring Team has lined up for you. Remember to start with the Resume!!


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