I love you!!


E: I love you!!

O: What?

E: Yes, I love you!!

O: Oh my god, this is my first time and I am so nervous.

E: It’s ok!! I understand but that doesn’t change my feeling towards you


Imagine that as a conversation between a happily engaged employee and its personified organization.

Do you think that is too good to be true? Well the answer would depend on one’s own personal experiences .However far dream it seems like there could be situations where employees do fall in love and develop a special bond with the organizations. These are so called happily engaged employees and there are reasons why such deeply madly in love employees are needed in an organization:

  1. Brand Ambassadors: No one can endorse your organization better than your own employees. Someone who believes in the vision of the organization is able to foresee this own career growth would just be an ideal. A happily engaged employee has more power to connect with your audience than any celebrity or influencer whose endorsement is just a suggestion as opposed to firsthand experience.
  2. Love will always win over the Hatred. The loyalty towards the organizations will over power any negative discussions. An employee who is engaged and bonded with an organization just understands well why certain decisions though are not quite encouraging but in long run prove to be better solutions. Such employees not only help to manage grapevine at the ground level but also help in much better communication.
  3. Treat organization as there second home and give their best. Yes that’s just because they have a sense of ownership towards the organization and this same feeling will make them self-motivated and also keep their spirits high even when the times are l
  4. Quitting is not their personality type and that’s what makes them the most dependable employees. For them exit is not the obvious option and they deal with problems otherwise rather than giving up and moving to greener pastures.

Love is indeed a beautiful feeling but having said that one should not take the loved one for granted for its not always that you would have your true love by your side. So the organizations which are lucky to have such employees should try to reciprocate it likewise.

After all love is addictive…it’s just spreads all over!!

Happy Valentines Day


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