Reincarnating HR – Game changers for 2015

‘The only thing that is constant is CHANGE’ and that suggests why if we don’t adapt to change it would lead us to the path of extinction’

Randstand India, a pioneer and country’s leading HR service provider for around 20years has launched a new initiative, Workforce 360 which is a platform to connect the HR fraternity on different thought provoking Human Resources trends and topic. It also provides an opportunity to learn and network with the best in the Industry and contribute towards HR evolution. One from the series of the Workforce 360 HR Summit was organized on 19th Feb 2015 at Chennai with the same vision of Randstand India to facilitate HR community which is tuned in with the current trends and ready for the business of today. Apart from seasoned panel and equally rich and enthusiastic audience from the fraternity the discussion was intriguing enough to make you think upon as to why HR needs to evolve with changing times and what various factors affect these changes in an organizational setup.

Shashikant Jayaram, Head Human Resources – TVS Automobile Solutions Ltd facilitated the Panel discussion and his questions did raise lot of thoughts around how diversity is important for current workforce and what has made Human Resource function still not reach to the CEO’s hot seat. As he quoted,’Earning stops at 60 but learning never stops’, it very articulately defined the context of the ‘Workforce 360 HR Summit’ at Chennai.

As mentioned by NV Balachandar, Sr. VP Group HR – Ashok Leyland , four things why HR should be prepared with the changes were that ( A) our customer is now well informed and much more demanding than it was a decade back, (B)business and its environment have changed and are lot more dynamic they were past, (C)demographics and diversity are varied and (D) technology has broken all the myths from the past and is very much part of our system. All these factors have kept the HR on the edge to perform and adapt to understand things at a faster pace and provide solutions.

Sunitha Lal, Chief Human Resources Office – Pvt. Ltd. also reiterated a lot around diverse workforce and why it is important for HR to move on and create processes in current context and not as they were a decade back. She emphasized on importance of understanding the inside and out of business to create HR systems which can lead to business results .This would lead to provide better understanding of HR problems and solutions around identifying talent, retaining talent and training them.

The discussion became more interesting with some witty HR acronyms by Moorthy K Uppaluri ,CEO Randstand India &Sri Lanka. He started with 3 E’s of HR Ecosystem : Employer, Employee and Environment and further defined each of their individual expectations. While FIT-HIT – JIT(just in time) is what Employer seeks, Fun-Learn -Grow is Employees need and Environment is predominantly governed by technology & market .He also said that HR has to be ‘AAA’ : Aligned with Business, Adapt with the change and Accelerate to win.

Gopal Singaraju, COO – RBS Business Solutions Services Pvt. Ltd. made each one of us go back & think through why when all the functions lead to CEO’s route HR still has not been able to get close to that coveted role. He also mentioned about how HR has been lacking behind in not been able to find significant space in company’s balance sheet and its time that they should talk more than just hiring or exit numbers. He very candidly pointed that HR still lacks to identify their own measurement matrix and it’s high time they should get more numbers talking for them.

Kabilan Jayatungan ,Director HR & Safety at Kone Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. touched on the points around HR challenges which lies around its Accountability, understanding Big Data, Capability to give information required for real business and understanding Diversity and bridging the gaps between.
To sum up the discussion in the Indian context, there is no second thoughts that HR needs to reinvent and as we progress it would not be an option but only way to survive the fluctuating market . It is important to understand all our customers and stakeholder and bring in solutions which are more action oriented and data driven and thus prove our business sense.

It’s time for HR to walk the talk!!


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