Are you a good boy?

“Thank you!! You are such a good boy.” I said to my son

“Mom, what does a good boy mean and what would make me a bad boy?” He asked me

mother son walkingOff course this was not the first question from my curious little bundle of joy which made me wonder about the apt reply. But considering the confusion he had about defining what is expected out of him when I say you are a good boy, took me back to a workplace scenario.

I could relate to a meeting where the company signed up our HR services right when they wanted to appraise their employees. Appraise on what? Well that would be told during the time of appraisal. Imagine how many ‘good’ boys would become ‘bad’ boys or visa-versa. Why? Here let me answer you

Scene 1: Since no one knew what was expected out them, they kept pursuing their own goals. Everyone tried to deliver the best as per there understanding and were happy working till they got the Appraisal sheet with their ‘Key Result Areas’. Now they suddenly notice the mismatch but it’s too late so best is to be defensive rather than loose one year for a 15% hike. So here god save the supervisor from the brunt.

Scene 2: Team member was doing a great job but nothing was being measured and he obviously was happy to receive appreciation mails and feedback. Suddenly due to various environmental reasons his performance dropped, isn’t that just human? But sadly it dropped right when appraisal was knocking the door. HR in me would name it ‘recency’ effect but sadly giving a term would not change the reality.

Scene 3: What’s not measured cannot be counted too!! That’s another reason one who did a better job had to settle down with much lower appraisal than a mediocre performer. Now question was simple..what would benchmark my performance?

Scene 4: If you don’t know your goals anyone can make you do what they feel are their own goals but would that add to your performance. Well you know the answer, don’t you?

There could be many such scenes which would make us re think why we need to communicate KRAs and goals at the right time for the right measurement and effective results .It also suggest why is it really important for my son to know what would make him a good boy. I don’t want him to be confused about the same hence I will explain him now but what about you?

Will you do it now or let them wonder about the ‘good’ boy thing?


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