Get ready to onboard Gen Y in 5!!

Demanding!! Restless!! Vocal!! Risk Takers!!

genyAm I referring about kids? Well but that’s what comes in my mind when I think about Gen Y.

A whole generation which has evolved in computer age is lot much different than the previous generations. Being on the threshold of Gen X and Gen Y by virtue of my age, I realize a sea of difference between the two generations. Now the challenge is not about two but three generations working together. And more we ignore the rapidly changing workplace demography the wider would be differences. With every tick clockwise Gen Y is getting its dominance so its high time we gear up for the same.

Here are some quick ones to make you understand what you should be prepared for while you meet this super talented generation.

Ask them what bring you here and they would say ‘interesting and challenging work’. They seek opportunities which can challenge their highly tech exposed environment. You give them ‘run of the mill’ jobs and you would end up boring them. Young and energetic with bright ideas they are ready to explore the untouched and anything unusual would excite them.

Highly ambitious lot of professionals as they know what they are asking for. Honestly with the lifestyle and peer group around them money definitely is a major attraction for them. Possibly another reason why do they change jobs frequently, as every switch gives them a hike more than internal growth would.

Very often you would find them pursuing passions as seriously as their career and lucky ones have both in common. This provides them enough space to strike a balance of work- life and also keeps them self-motivated and interested towards the job. Now please be ready to miss 24*7 type workforce but honestly as times are changing it good to have more smiles than frowns around.

Don’t be surprised if they enquire in your first meeting about your company policies, work culture ,career path because all this really matters for them. As much as a brand would pull them they would not think twice to join a startup which fulfills there aspirational need. They are not settlers but explorers and only thing which can bind them is freedom.

Pat a back and more is what they need quite often. It’s tricky because as much a feedback can motivate them, it can also make them argue back. They are fearless considering they are young and that also makes them quite impatient to wait for your Annual Appraisal cycle rather instant gratification is what they mostly seek.

Every generation is different and follows the same circle of life. But as change is inevitable it’s better to quickly adapt to it and get acclimatized with the new generation and start accepting them .Sooner you do better for you.


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