A day at #SHRMTech15


So the story started almost a month back when on a lazy Sunday afternoon suddenly my phone buzzed for an Email. Now thinking it might be a work mail I opened it with not much of excitement anyways, well I was just dreading a Monday Mania . But wait it was an email from Puneet Nagpal from SHRM India with an invite to be part of #SHRMTech15 blog squad. Now that was enough to pump the adrenaline down my veins. Now who would like to miss an event hosted by SHRMIndia and that too on a topic which brings humans close to technology. So as I back counted the days and watched the world around me talking about the big event, like a child I was excited to meet all me Twitterati and the stalwarts of HR fraternity.

Now the agenda once received some two days before the event was no less impressive. With offcourse the entire platter of Geeky HR startups to only make you believe that yes it’s the time HR is beyond admin. So the day finally came and 24th April though I started early, the never giving up traffic which seems to have special affinity with me kept negotiating with me for good two hours and so I could just catch up on the twitter that Mr. Prabir Jha , President &Group CHRO @ Reliance Industries opened the session with some wonderful insights on Technology and HR and how we should focus using Tech as enabler than just automation. He also announced the certification course where two institutes like SHRM and XLRI join hands in imparting the best know how of the HR space to the professionals.

Finally after pretty quick and smooth registration, I reached the conference room where Jamie Notter , Partner with Culture that Works, was sharing his insights from his new book ‘When Millenials Take Over’. His talk revolved around how the changing workspace soon would have Millenials dominating and its time today that we can prepare ourselves. A very interesting point which he made was how to design your workplace keeping your employees in mind.He also mentioned four important aspects to keep in mind while working with them is :Digital, Clear,Fluid and Fast.

Next was Kyle Lagunas from Brandon Hall Group who shared how cloud technology was playing an important role in delivering innovative solutions. As per him the core HR systems happen to be HRMS,ATS,TMS,LMS . Now the most important piece of the conference started after this…NETWORKING J

Who would miss the opportunity to meet some friends who make you proud by being #SocialMedia #HRInfluencers too. So here I met Kunjal Kamdar, Group Manager with WNS and Sarang Brahme, Head for Social Recruting at Capgemini and guess this was the start as I met #SocialGuru, Gautam Ghosh and though leaders like Kavi and Abhijeet Bhaduri. Catching up with Gurprriet Singh who is better known as @joyandlife was equally great. Now how can I miss mentioning very warm Aparna Sharma who offcourse has just released her maiden book ‘HR Reality Bytes’ and Sahana Chattopadhyay whom I infact have been interacting on twitter.Sunder Ramachandran whose gamification panel discussion I’ll cover in the next blog and some good old friends like Rajesh Kamath who just never fails to spread the infectious smile, Nikhil Gadodia from HR4India and Shweta Pathak , the Social Media Rockstar and inspiring Entrepreneurs like Mohit Gundecha from Jombay and Sudarsan Ravi from RippleHire.

For more that happened on #SHRMTech15 ,please stay tuned for the next blog J


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