A day at #SHRMTech15…contd

shrmbagAnd if you thought my last blog wasn’t enough so I must congratulate you for being a great mind reader.For that’s exactly why I wrote the second one !!

#SHRMTech15 so far has been impressive with some excellent panel chats and mind engaging conversations.For It’s not always you get to meet Gautam Ghosh, India’s finest HR blogger who is always more than happy to share his great Social Media tips around blogging, audience read and some interesting tools like ‘Buffer’. Infact how else would I know that industry thought leader and author Abhijeet Bhaduri is currently working on fiction and nonfiction piece both and hopefully we would have another interesting book coming soon. Just like how I know Aparna Sharma’s maiden release ‘HR –Reality Bytes’ is one awesome read for any budding HR professional and she as always was super charged sharing her signed copy with us.

Also if you haven’t heard about some interesting HR startups like Jombay which specializes in psychometric tests and RippleHire which is a gamification platform specific to Hiring then you are missing something. The young and dynamic founders respectively Mohit Gunecha and Sudarsan Ravi are definitely quite promising. So I humbly advice you to read about them once you finish reading here J.

And now that the topic has been mentioned let me share some notes from the panel chat on Game based learning and Gamification which took place at #SHRMTech15. We had some HR practitioners like Sunder Ramachandran from Pfizer and Anshu Malhotra from Jombay and some entrepreneurs like Vivek Madhukar from Times and Siddharth Bannerjee from Indusgeeks.Apart from being interesting the topic itself was quite engaging and so were the speakers.

They pointed out that how game based simulation can show consequences of actions unlike traditional training and how gamification helped in enhancing engagement of sales people during waiting time and also added to the competitiveness. While Sunder gave a live example from Pfizer on using the tool ROKET and the game mechanics around it, Siddharth very aptly was able to explain the need of Gamification and how it worked by worked for a workforce which is Millenial driven who demand fun more than age old techniques of learning.

The panel also went into the minute difference of how game based learnings are different than Gamification and also for starters which most of them seemed in the room, Gamification can be a first step towards getting into.

So as much gamification is fun it’s truly much more beyond that .However having said that it’s a domain which is new for many of us and we yet have a long long way to explore it and then judge it for its potential. Till such time lets learn from those who are using it and adapt it whenever and wherever we can.

Amidst this networking and panel chats I did get an opportunity to learn about some interesting HR Tech firm like NITOVATE which is an Enterprise Intranet Portal, HireRight which is a background screening firm,Mera Job which interestingly pitches to hire in ½ cost and ½ time too and offcourse GROWNout happened to be quite an interesting platform for referral hirings.

So now that I did all this in one single day I am sure next time when SHRM announces the next SHRMTech conference you would make sure to cancel all you prior appointment to be part of this experience.


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