The new ‘Social Media’ TOOL in the town!!

Did you ask for a tool which lets you use all your social media plugins?

And which also gives you some awesome social media analytics?

Well I did and I have been longing for it for quite some time now!!

Social Media is all about speed with relevance of the content and to stay upbeat one has to keep a balance between the two. Being in Social Media space and having used lot many tools which would make me time efficient and audience rich, I still have been looking for one which does ALL for me.

I might be sounding lazy; however the best of social media tools cater to people like me, who against the entire languid still want to keep up the pace. Looks like someone really took my feedback seriously while I got introduced to this new social media monitoring tool called ‘ThoughtBuzz’.

Let me quickly tell you what I found interesting enough to quote it here:

The User Interface is quite appealing and needless to say that the help module is so well explanatory and crisp that it just took me couple of mins to understand the functionality of this new social media tool. Each feature has been designed to detail with some good study on the existing tools.

Secondly it really takes all popular social media plugins e.g.: Instagram , Facebook, Twitter , Youtube and Linkedin too. That simple means one login and you know what is happening where. Wow!! No more tab changes. Instagram profile

One dashboard which showed all my feeds from my Facebook wall, Facebook Fan Page , Twitter and Instagram. You read it right!! Multiple Facebook fan pages with wall feeds too .Wouldn’t that make life much easy for all the Social Media geeks we know. No more choosing between your Facebook user ID and Fan Pages when you can have both.

Analytics is just awesome. It seems to give me even better analysis than the original Facebook page does and the details on the twitter timeline with the followers and there activity with respect to mine is another interesting add on.

Recipe Dabba Analystics Time Lines

ThoughtBuzz by far has come out as great engagement platform which adds a lot new perspective for you to understand you audience. Infact you couldn’t have asked for more for it just gets you the experience and the right intelligence for a positive influence. I would recommend you to try it out to get a taste of Awesomeness


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