My 4 in a Minion lessons!!



No, I am not hungry but just in awe with these little one celled creatures who have been all around the marketing space and offcourse my mind too. From the shoes to mac donalds everyone has been wooing us with Minons. And courtesy my two boys (one happens to be my husband and other one call me Mom) I landed up with 3D glasses in Imax last Sunday.I was not very happy for unlike many other movies here we literally had House Full which made me feel little claustrophobic.

And then the MAGIC began!!

Wow they were so human infact so much better than many of us. As Kevin’s, Stuart’s and Bob’s journey began to find the Despicable Emperor of their tribe, they did show different facets of leadership and team management which was quite appreciative. To each one its own, I personally had these five takeaways from the movie and it almost touched me to see how the little men in yellow and blue denims did so much with just one cell.

  1. You are Nothing without a Purpose: The strongest of team without a vision or a goal would be as good as an idle machine which would soon go rustic. The minions just felt lifeless as soon as they lost their master and though they made the best for their lives but once they had it all and didn’t know where to leave next the entire motivation went down the drain. Goals give sense to our life and help us decide which path to progress.
  2. True Team with Common Goal: Minions as individuals too had their own choices and skills but what made them achieve and perform with each of the masters they worked for was that they all had a common goal to work together and make it successful. They lived for each other, stood for tribe and that bond made sure that they achieved what they intended to.
  3. Watch Out for the Black Horse: Bob who was a weak but highly enthusiastic Minon was initially not a choice for the ‘A’ team but eventually he was the one who got the queen’s crown. Sometimes what we thought would fail is what leads us to the path of success. Never underestimate or judge on face-value for somethings are beyond what we can perceive and equal opportunity is the best way to check on such bias.
  4. Mission Supersedes all : Bob, Stuart and Kevin could have easily settled with all the riches they got from the kingdom but they gladly gave it to Stella as they were there for the tribe and never did they miss on this piece. They were hunting for a master and not be the master themselves. Imagine someone giving up the power because serving was what his main goal was.

So as the hunt of New Despicable Master is still on we wish to learn more and try out all the sane stuff which Minions taught us.Just remember to be…



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