10 Quick Employee Engagement Ideas

smiley2He came running towards me while I was waiting at the gate for his class to get over.

“Look what I got”. His excitement was addictive. In that overwhelming state of action he showed me small smiley and a star on this hand which he got from his teacher in the activity class. And as we walked down the street towards home, all the while our conversation was around how he loved being part of that activity class.

That night my 4 year old son slept with his smiley on his hand.

Now you would wonder why I am telling a childlike obvious story.

Well just to remind you that though with years hitting our calendars we would have grown but that little child in us still craves for appreciation. The HR in you would tell me well we have R&R for that but then I would ask you back, “Do you have smileys?”

Here are some quick employee appreciation ideas which you can try at your workplace. Good part is most of them don’t even need a BUDGET approval J

Value they add: Identify and assign employees, ‘values of the organization’ which they meet or are closely associated with and publish it in public. A great way to establish a connect between an employee and organization philosophy.

Theme day: It’s quite simple to execute but adds more fun. Like make Mondays/Fridays or last/first day of month theme day. Publish a calendar for a quarter so people are aware of it and send reminders too for effective communication. My personal favorite is Monday to kill the Mania out of it J.

Let colors talk: Choose some colors and give every color a meaning which relates to one’s personality. Ask people to dress in the color of their choice and that would show how people want themselves to be positioned in others mind and further you can also make their teams assign them colors for next time. This can be good piece for self-analysis.

Badge Badge everywhere: Make interesting badges (hardboard and stickers) of different smileys and let people stick on each other depending on the mood they are in. So at the end of day someone might have 10 smiling faces, 4 sad and 4 frowns etc. . . . If you do it for a week you might see the number of smiling faces increasing.

Say thumbs up: You can also make a sticker of ‘thumbs up’ and let supervisor stick that on team members. Making visible and public appreciation is a great motivator.

Secret admirer: Allocate a small box to everyone and let people write good/improvements for you as a secret agent. No one knows who wrote what and only the specific person gets to read it and has discretion to share or avoid. But this sure can be a great self-improvement technique.

Crossword me: Create crossword puzzle for small teams with team members name and let them solve it for fun. Hints have to be interesting and intriguing. You can do a inter team thing too, so to see how much people know each other outside their own teams.

Be flex: Let people choose their own office timing for a week every quarter. May be a team can have same timings and enjoy the flexibility.

What’s in a place: You can make last day of the month work from home, if you don’t have a work from home policy otherwise.

Add more value: Do a team competition of suggesting new company values/name of meeting rooms/new name to policies/Cubicle space etc. and let the best one be acknowledged and adapted.

Well employee engagement can happen anywhere and everywhere and sometimes all you need to know is ‘What employee really wants’.

This Diwali, I wish you Happy Engagement!!


2 thoughts on “10 Quick Employee Engagement Ideas

  1. A professional Job environment should have all the above practice to keep a healthy work culture and as a motivational factor which help employee involve with personal interest.


  2. Thanks for sharing this post! I think that the most important thing is that employers care about their employees enough to put these kind of ideas in place. I have talked to a lot of CEOs who have said they are not willing to spend time or money on making their employees like their jobs more. But that is something that will increase their employee engagement scores the most.


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