Let the love bloom!!

V Day

So ready to paint the town red??

OK…so you are the one who feels Valentine’s Day is about teenagers .Well…so weren’t you teenager some years back. Are you smiling or is it just me J

Fine!! We would debate about this later. But this valentine I have something interesting to share. It’s about my old forgotten love which suddenly encountered me one fine day and I realized that how much I ignored it all this while. But now that my love is back in life, I thought to share my experience of being alive with you…

Are you still wondering about my LOVE?

So it’s not just me but we all have that love which would have got lost in the race of life and not everyone would be lucky to have it back before it is too late. That love is nothing but your PASSION about something which you would have possessed for years within you but would have not really lived it. So here is why it is extremely important to give your passion a fair chance.

Passion gives you an identity ,more and beyond your regular career. First step though is about identifying your passion and giving it a shape which is more visible and then scaling it up to a level where people can identify you with it. The beauty is that it is more like your natural self hence once you have identified and you start pursuing it positively it just builds up.

Adds more sense and purpose to life. A friend once told me to pursue what matters more in next ten years and that actually changed my perspective a lot. If we continue running we eventually would complete the race but would that really make you stand out? What would you achieve at the end will depends on where all did you invest your time and if you ever had a passion you don’t want to regret about it at the finishing line.

Builds positivity and makes your inside more stable and calm. Most of us struggle with emotions and managing them well, takes a life time. Passion helps to channelize these emotions positively and lets you find peace within yourself.

Love your passion for it just would make you fall in love with your own being. That feeling of self-love is so beautiful that you would never feel that you need any one else’s attention and also adds to your self-pride.

So this valentine’s my friend, wish yourself a start of a new journey with your long lost soul mate, in case you haven’t still identified one. And if you already have, you off course deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Wishing you LOVE for LIFETIME





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