10 Ideas for Women’s Day Celebration

I could have put any picture here but then I chose one which I clicked at Sheroes community meet for it defines the woman in me and when I feel connected with my faternity, words make more sense .
#InternationalWomensDay around and you are still at dearth of ideas..Oh ya and then you have a limited budget too. Here are some quick things to do to add smiles on your dashboard.
1. Make some handmade card and surprise your female employees with testimonials from their spouses/friends/children/parents/inlaws. Record the experience when they read that and make a film of the same. You can use your smart phone for this and the smile is much more valuable than any other gift.
2. Create the name chits and let men in the team pick the names and describe their experience of working with the person.
3. Let men participate too.Let them talk about one woman who has been behind their journey could be mother/friend/wife/daughter..again record when they say and share with the family..trust me this will take the engagement to next level.
4. Let women write 5 things no one knows about them and you can make a ‘Guess Who’ game out of it. This can be fun and also connect the teams together.
5. How about doing a Social Media campaign and letting women speak about their experience with the team and also letting the world know why she is best for that job. Doesn’t this work like an appreciation campaign which makes you feel proud to be a woman.
6. If you have some decent budget call you the spa and gift them a footspa at work and enjoy the giggles.
7. When everyone is high on stress its time you make them more aware of health and how they can stay fit with all the balance at time. Get a nutrition and fitness talk done at work.
8. Give them a break from work and take them out for some games/fun activities in the nearby areas.
9. Get a huge projector, some pop corns , drinks and do a show time. Movie which is motivating and connects with women can be a good choice too.
10 Do a cookout/potluck where men in the team can cook for women and let them see the table turning by being a good food critique. The best cook can be called ‘Women’s Choice’ winner :).
Well there are many ways to make women feel special some of the ideas here don’t need money but intend to make it special. I personally don’t feel gifts can replace experience and its important to make both genders participate to make it a holistic effort. Hope these ideas clubbed together help you celebrate women’s day and the true spirit of #beingwoman.

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