My takeaway from #SHRMTech16

When its country’s biggest HR confluence you got to block your calendar for sure, moreover also because you are part of the Blog Squad which have people you have been an admirer yourself. And I finally blocked 20th and 21st April  to make sure nothing comes up in between me and my learning and even more networking. In fact being a product manager with plugHR where we have recently launched our technology platform to manage HR departments for SMEs, I was keen to explore the Tech piece in the entire jigsaw of Human Resources and SHRMTech16 did not disappoint me for sure. Apart from some interesting talks around Artificial Intelligence , Social Recruiting and its inclusion, Digital learning and its landscapes and lot more around Technology implementation, I happened to come across some exhibitors and impressive entrepreneurs and here would like to share my experiences for everyone’s benefit.

HackerRank: A must for all those who a looking for coding ninjas. In times where candidate to offer ratio turn out to be around will be 30:1 and route to that critical resource has never been easy. HackerRank is your solution to reach the right fit by their code challenges  and code sprints. In fact it also makes sure your coders never lose the sharpness while they continue to be your priced ones.

Eduriser did come up as one of the most promising E learning platforms where they promise a transformation through learning courtesy to their extensive knowledge library. A good mix of instructional lead training, simulation games, cross knowledge which helps  to align the team with the business goals and objectives.

Then I met this gentleman, Chetan Indap , founder and was interesting to know about the platform too. Now wasn’t calling up prospective candidates and then getting turned down on the first call has been a pain forever. Here was an easy solution which gets you to filter them via automated candidate calling and getting you the most interested candidates with a preferred time slot to connect as well. Talk about saving cost and time here in the world of technology.

Only if we knew getting health checkups would be so easy and that’s what does for the corporates. Days are here when companies are taking cognizance about employee wellness and even startups are trying to have doctors reachable to them in just couple of minutes. offers a fully equipped health station inside your workspace and cater to all your employees health and fitness need. No wonder they are called Health On Demand. Now can you deny a health checkup still? was another interesting take away from the conference which was how one can make the event engagement higher via polls running on Its neat and quite user-friendly and also works even if you haven’t downloaded the event app and directly through the browser.Simply put its makes the audience interaction easy in the run time. No wonder it was a people’s technology conference.

So incase you need a credit something in line of Rs 10,000 to 50,000 for a small vacation or to renovate your house no need to worry for Paysense make it available in just a click to you .Easy and small loans to power your purchases which can be re paid in monthly installments.

Giftxoxo sums up power of experience gifting in both personal and corporate space. Gifts can be more than coupons or flowers for now they can be someone’s lifetime memory. Imagine the brand connect post a ‘fly a plane’ gift to your top achievers.

Well these were just some I could capture personally while there were many more promising HR technology gears. Having said that , this is enough to make sure I don’t miss the next SHRMTech where it just gets BIGGER and BETTER every year.




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