High Five for Linkedin.

Wednesday being mid-week is mostly one of those peak days of your work schedule and also by that time you would have come out of Monday Mania and TGIF would still be resting in some corner to strike chords with you. Mine was no less different till Anjali surprised me. Anjali Gulati , Founder People Konnect & Back to the Front, who happens to be a good friend too, invited me on Tuesday to attend a small workshop which she was organizing for Women who are seeking opportunities for a career comeback. Now I wasn’t really looking for a comeback but what striked me was the topic, ‘Improving your Linkedin Profile’. Those who know me, would also know my affinity towards Social Media and this wasn’t the only reason, the session was held in Linkedin office itself and I for sure wanted to capitalize this one. For what better than getting it from the horse’s mouth J


It was small groups of working women with a mix of legal, business, marketing and even budding entrepreneurs. Though not everyone came just for a career comeback but then each one had a common objective of making LinkedIn more useful for them. Unlike many other sessions which I have attended in past this was perfect example of hands on learning and the trainers Ketaki Kadekar  and  Akanksha Ahluwalia did a great job by making sure that the audience understands the importance of having a strong LinkedIn profile and the tips were definitely  quite handy. Though I have been using LinkedIn for many years now , still some of them were unknown to me as well. For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it for the session I am here summarizing the top learnings out of the workshop. Here is a screen shot of my profile which would help you understand the changes better.

RD profile LD

Time to check your heading:  Infact it’s after this session I realized that the heading is nothing to do with your designation, a common error most of us do. The heading is about defining yourself in a more cryptic manner e.g., Social Media Enthusiast, Talent Hunter, Blogger sums up my job as well as interests. This definitely brands my messaging in a more holistic manner rather than what my designation of Product Manager would have done.

Customize your URL: LinkedIn assigns a unique number to its user and that defines its URL, however you can customize the URL and make it easy for your audience/ future connects to reach out to you. Using your full name is one way of doing it and the same can then be shared with your future employers while you are sending them your resumes/cover letter.

Who should you add: Well this question has no perfect answer. However best is not to add anyone and everyone. While Linkedin is a professional networking site where the objective is to increase your network but the catch is not to compromise on the quality of your network. So make sure you add people who bring in value to you network which comes with the richness of their existing network and also the business they would have with you. It’s also important and courteous to write the intend while you send invites to other people for connect.

A good Summary:  Now this is a place to show of your skills and your work to the world before even they go through your full profile. This need to be updated regularly and also can have a mixed content of text, images, presentations etc., to make it attractive and more appealing to stand out. Remember still not everyone knows the right way of capitalizing their Linkedin profiles so you always have a better chance with these tips.

Follow for good:  For job seekers following the target companies will help them to connect with the right people at the right time and also helps to explore the company culture and learn a lot. Secondly participating and joining relevant groups not just enhances the personal network but also contributes in focused learnings for a better profile.

What’s in the background:  A lot!! I meant this for the background picture. Adding a relevant picture will just enhance your profile and you can off course be creative in making it more focused around what all you did.

These are just some tips for starters and off course there is lot more than just these, however the more you use the better you become. The idea is not to just use these as a check list items but to make sure you use them along with regular engagements via regular updates, publish your posts, commenting on group discussions, sharing relevant information with your audience etc.  The world of Linkedin is growing and the scope is limitless so it’s time to reap benefits and not still wonder about it.






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