ACE-ing your Social Media

One fine morning , I get this invite to speak as a panelist at one of country’s top most HR networking forums, NHRD and I was more than thrilled to take the offer. Specially when the subject is close to you heart there is very little you can do to curb your excitement. I still have a day to go for the event but my mind is already occupied with all the learnings and insights I would gain by interacting with some 100+ HR folks and some amazing and well read panelists.


So as I prepare my self, I wanted to record my thoughts and summarize my Social Media learnings so far and this off-course suggests on what I would be talking more tomorrow. I have been grateful to plugHR for always letting me experiment free hand when it comes to Social Media and hence the learnings too come straight from the community. My exposure on using Social Media has mostly been around Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and Learning and that’s where I found something common to coin this term ACE-ing.


Our social media interventions are incomplete without a goal or objective and as an organisation or individual we need to think through our strengths and weakness before we decide on this very crucial piece of the entire Social Media jigsaw. However that just remains the first step toward finalizing your social media strategy.

Once you have identified your objective next is to decide on the right Audience (A) or your social media followers. Now this piece can  be confusing at time and can also be overlapping , but with some time investment and right mindset you will be able to figure out. eg at plugHR since our business is in Human Resources Management for Startups our target is only CEO of startups and Mid level HR managers and for us everything revolves around this. So if you are a technology company and your objective is hiring , you need to focus on tech engineers and also social media influencers from technology domain.One is you talent , second will increase your reach to the talent.

Post this you have to go through the story or Content (C) which you have to deliver to your audience. Remember Social Media works on pull and not push. So as you decide to hire from this channel don’t expect quick results till you have invested good time in understanding and building your story. I run a food community called FoodKiChat and a blog recipedabba and just having recipes wasn’t enough , so I had to build stories and content. I had to collaborate with fellow bloggers to build a 5000+ food community in less than a year and I am still far from what I intend to do. Another example is making your people write blogs and build content to share , we did this at plugHR and it worked for us.

Now comes the most important piece of ACEing and that is Engagement (E). Once you have your Audience and Content its time to figure out the right tool, method, people to engage your audience with your brand or handle. Engagement has a pivotal role in order to make your content reach out to your audience. Remember most of us go wrong here even after doing all the other things right. eg if you need to adapt social learning for a closed community may be twitter chat will not work but whatsapp broadcast can still be a better option or sharing tip of the day on your whatsapp status message will help too.

To sum up the three: Audience, Content and Engagement, of ACE model work together to bring out the real potential for your social media objective and hence any one missing piece will keep you hanging with a half headed Social Media strategy.

Hope this helps you to look into your initiatives and me to learn more from your initiatives.


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