7 Ways to make you a better Social

Social media is just, one of the cool things to do!

Social media is a time waste!

Should I trust Social Media information?


All this kept haunting me for a day because it was just yesterday that I happened to counter these questions while I was on a panel chat with NHRD Mumbai Altius Zone. Indeed the discussion took all the possible shades of being a good,exciting and engaging one, but I still feel there was much which was left unanswered. Well not that everything can be answered but this post is an attempt to support the basic need of how people can make sense out of Social Media . I might sound like one kid trying to prove a point but then this child in me probably has experienced the power of Social Media and am just eager to let the world experience it too. Mostly the discussion yesterday was around Organizations and their acceptance for social media. However I feel before we get into the larger context of organizational dynamics we should first focus on personal acceptability of the medium.

Social Media isn’t a future anymore and is a reality happening everyday from the comfort of our homes and our very phones. The top two Social Media channels happen to be Facebook and Whatsapp and even if one is done by most of the channels they would still be somewhere hooked on at-least one of the platforms . Now the question is do we know the real power of Social Media? Do we understand the benefits of Social Networking? Are we wasting time on Social Media? Are we using it the Right way?


If these questions ring a bell for you then you should definitely read this post further, because I want you to see the other side of Social Media.The good side…

1. Social media is more than Candy crushes and Pokemons and you indeed can do a lot apart from that. Use social media for right reasons and for your right age for its much more that your photo album. Following pages of your interest, connecting with people who match your thought process is a much better option than just random forwards which might be very low in the entire value chain of the knowledge system.

2. Don’t just keep sharing someone else’s content, but add more value to your network by giving your own content. This piece will define your virtual personality and hence will pull more like minded people for you. Remember ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’ and this takes time and effort too. Worst you can do is let your Social Media stay idle. Liking posts will not give you any leverage till you start making your own identity and reaping the benefits out of it.

3. Don’t run after followers but focus on sharing the right content with right people. You are good with 100 followers who have common interest than 1000 who have randomly followed you. Learn the usage of the platforms and the understand the personality of the platforms before you get into picking up contents.

4. Never misuse the platform. Sharing a job posting in Linkedin publisher is a no – no. You will just brand yourself as a spammer. Adding original thoughts is the best way to build yourself. Don’t tag people in the posts which is not relevant to them.

5. What happens on social media remains on social media. Your digital footprints will live the age of internet hence you need to be extremely cautious of what you post. Be foresighted and careful in posting, liking, commenting things which you feel can impact your reputation later on. Its so human to develop biases from the information we gather and you off-course don’t want to be on the wrong side.

6. Make your thoughts more productive and give them a better voice than just a vent out with a colleague.Just like I am writing this post to share my views making a posts on your experiences is a good way to reach out people and express yourself. Publishing blogs have multiple facets as it contributes to your personal brand, helps you gather perspectives and above all remember its your own ,in-house content. if you find it too much start with micro blogging on twitter, facebook status messages. Read other blogs and share / comment on them.

7. Don’t do too much and neither too less. Every platform has its appetite for frequency and speed. Remember not to overwhelm your audience and confuse them and neither get obsolete by not just being around for a while. Everything matters as little as your comment and like. So be yourself but choose what self you want to show the world.

I hope these 7 tips can get you lucky on your Social Media induction and remember its not all about work but anything which you want to be identified as , to learn from and to give back to your followers. For what you sow , so shall you reap.


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