Me and Digital You

I have a twitter account but I don’t use it?

How do I share on social media?

Why do I need to blog?


These questions generally bother me but today they looked like some great opportunities to let people feel the real Social Media. I stood calm and composed while these questions and more of such kept flowing. Took a deep breath and as I filled up myself with some oxygen, with an added smile I asked a question;

So how many are you on whatsapp?

Almost everyone. Infact we have 1 billion plus world wise users on whatsapp and some 42 billion messages every day. In the closed room, where I was addressing some bright , vibrant women while we did an interactive workshop on Digital You around Women’s Day almost everyone used more than 3500 words in a month typing on whatsapp while a blog which is more powerful, more structured and contributes more in our learning just needed 400 at the optimum side.

Now isn’t that interesting!!


As we continued to touch base upon what are the best practices around using Social Media for good, we did talk about these 6 most important things to take care while starting a blog:

  1. Objective
  2. Genre
  3. Platform
  4. Audience
  5. Content
  6. Reach

While I did not miss to discuss my favorite in-housed  ACE model, with its own Sholey way. Are you curious about the Gabbar and Thakur??..Its time you tweet to me @raks_d and we would talk more.

The most engaging conversations happen when your audience starts responding to your tunes and that’s when we had upcoming blog names, topics as getting decided then and there. Life isn’t that simple and nor is social media which can be done all in 2 hours but it’s a practice which makes your perfect and giving up is not the answer.

So as we all celebrate women’s day today, I wish we get more of us coming up and creating our own personal brand for the philosophy you believe in.

Every time I meet people who are eager to explore social media and the digital space my heart gets the warmth it craves for . Thank you team Back to the Front for letting me be your ‘Digital You’


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