My Boss & Our Story


“This isn’t as good as yesterday.”

“Hmm, can we have something else?”

“Why do we have this again?”

That’s HIM!! My new BOSS!!

And he definitely keeps me on my toes. I worked in HR space for quite some time and in various roles. From hiring people to working on tech products , pretty much changed many hats in last 11 years , but what I am doing today has nothing to do with what it looked like yesterday.

This blog is not about whys and hows of my recent  venture Recipe Dabba but the power of being a mom and how sometimes your kid gets best out of you. Ya, Ya…I happen to be mother of my new boss 🙂

Here are 5 things where my son helped me groom into a better version of me.


A dreamy boy made a dreamy mom: I once asked him the cliché question of what he wants to be like…he said ‘WATCHMAN’. I asked him why and he said because they do a wonderful job of guarding us and our house. I know it isn’t very inspiring job to do but I did take the value of making world a safer place. We negotiated to a professional aspiration of joining Armed Forces to really made a difference. Now this did help me find a value in my own dreams and work towards it.

Art of Patience: Yes!! I have been a very impatient person. Those who know me would just be nodding their heads right now. But then raising kids teach you all what you never thought of. So I am learning to slow down a bit and give myself time to grow. I am not in hurry to finish anymore of be part of the race I have been always. It’s nice to let go certain things and enjoy the pace of work and life with smile.

Saying NO was never so easy: Another beautiful thing which these kids teach you. A ‘NO’ with a justified reason. I have mostly been a YES person…you would rarely find me rejecting things on the face of it. (Not even love proposals, though I wonder why ?) But with all the practice with my now six year old, I really have learnt the art to put across my point and say NO gracefully. It helps me take decisions which I feel will allow me stay focused more.

I am part of you: Quite literally!! He has been part of my journey wherever I went. Whether it was about starting a blog, working from home, re-starting my career, creating Recipe all revolved around him. I took him everywhere and his little steps gladly followed me around. We made a good team and he had never let me down. The more involved we were in stuff together better we did in finding our own space. Today we sit down while we work without any fuss around all the work-life balance, which I ever thought would be of missing from my scope of things.


We aren’t guilty: It doesn’t exist anymore. We have realized how we can stay close and still do our things. While he has his friends and I have my passion, we respect time and space and don’t nag much about it. He works as my brand ambassador letting everyone know about what I do, while I take a pride in writing blogs around his awesomeness.


I am a much better person than my six year old me and this should only get better with this little boss around.

Kids aren’t a career break, but a catalyst for a new you!!


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